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We unveil the Spiritflesh project...

Unfolding the darkest of dubwise techniques sprawled across shards of post-punk, drone, doom metal and techno, Spiritflesh go six feet deep across a short-run of promo cassettes, a 12" single and now the full-length album, due on NoCorner on the 19th of September.

Taking in a host of sounds, from Doom Metal and Drone through to Post-Punk, EBM, Dreader than dread Dub and Techno, Spiritflesh have truly blurred the conventions of their influences and spawned a sonic that is all theirs... spewing and spitting like a skeletal, fog-riddled construct of otherwordly ambience, guttural bassline and rhythm.

Dream-like, yet crushingly physical, their sound is a cerebral kind of music that touches, with great conviction, on ideas of life, death and the in-between...

12" album & download out late September 2018

"The nature of the elements from which the human body is generated and of the materials from which it is constituted is such that man cannot be immortal."

Exploring the darkest themes of the spiritual world and the open spaces in between.

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